Become comfortable using a "device", whether that be a desktop PC, a laptop or a tablet either android or apple.

Many of the people I have supported over the years, say that they use their device daily. Especially during the lockdown it has become an essential way for them to keep in touch with friends and family. 

They also tell me how their self confidence has increased and some of them now, help their less confident friends.

Don't think that could be you?

Well what better way of finding out by contacting us: Remember I do not charge for my time , I have more than twenty years experience supporting "device" users including a lot of non face to face contact which is how all help will be delivered during the covid-19 pandemic.

Support is given at your pace and in "bite size" pieces.

Contact: for more details

Our Expertise

Web Design
Support for learning.
Problem solving.


I can help people to use computers, tablets or iPads safely. This can be done at a distance by email or phone or if geographically possible in non Covid-19 times on a direct face to face basis.

My experience in helping is fairly extensive and over a wide range of devices and software.

This can be anything from "How do I do.....?"
or even
"I have been given this tablet as a present and I have no idea how to use it"

Age is not a barrier to safely using computers .